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Leave your thinking mind behind and allow the intelligence of your body to guide you

Allow your body to go on a trip into a beautiful, playfull world full of sweet connections, laughter and ecstatic experiences.

In this immersive experience, we're diving deep into the realm of sensory wonders, unlocking the magic within touch, smell, listening, taste, sight, and the profound sense of our bodies. 

From the gentle caress of tantric touch to the intoxicating aroma of shared moments, each sense will be awakened, inviting you to embrace the richness of the present moment. Open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds us, let the sounds guide your body to move, savor the tastes that melts your tongue, open up to delicate, mood creating smells and feel the subtle to deep touches on your skin.

Let's celebrate the joy of giving and receiving, weaving sweet and authentic connections with each other. 

As always, you have full agency to set your own boundaries when we invite you to join exercises and rituals with focus on delightful sensory experiences, deep, soulfull moments, movement, tantric energy, flow, and of course the unique tribal vibe belonging.

 In this sacred space, we honor the art of touch, creating an atmosphere where every member feels a deep sense of belonging and connection.

This retreat is a journey of self-discovery and shared bliss, where the limitations of the mind dissolve, and we step into a world of pure sensation and connection.

Secure your spot now, and let the tribal magic unfold as we embark on this adventure into the heart of the sensual world. 

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The ticket covers your the workshops, sauna/spa, food and accommodation.

Basic:  a mattress - including a duvet and pillow) in the yoga sala: 3800 kr

A bed in a quadruple room:  4050 kr (3 spots left)

A bed in a double room:  4350 kr

Single room:  4750 kr 

Early Bird Tickets until Dec 15:



Matolievej 14

4573 Højby

Check in Friday 22 April 9:30 a.m

Check out Sunday 15:30 pm

22-24 March 2024


Matolievej 14, 4573 Højby, Denmark

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